In this article by marketingprofs, they talk about this research.

The report was based on data from a survey conducted in August 2022 among 410 B2B professionals (B2B buyers, B2B sellers, and B2B experts) worldwide.

The report states

"Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships are complex. Business deals in B2B take time to close with multi-level decision makings and complex purchase/sales procedures."

You can say that again!

When asked "What factor influences you most in selecting a specific B2B service?", buyers said they look at a whole host of online areas as part of their due-diligence

  • 2.3% social media
  • 30.2% reputation online, this will include your companies and your employees presence on social media
  • 20.9% online ratings
  • 7% information on website

That means that buyers are taking into account a whopping 60.4% of your online presence in the buying process. 

Sorry to be stating the obvious, but if you haven't empowered your sales team, your human resources (HR) team, your procurement team, in fact all your employees to be active on social media.  That is, walking digital corridors and having digital conversations, then you are missing out on revenue, future employees and future investers.  Why?

Because they are all on digital and you are not.  Simple as. 

And when asked, how do buyers best like to contact suppliers a massive 46.5% said on social media.

Below there is a link to a video, where the CEO of Namos, Chris Mason explains how when his sales team was empowered with social, a buyer walked towards them and placed a $2.6 million deal.

Clearly having you company and your employees having a great presence, which is buyer-centric is critical in the digital buying world we live in today. 

Let's move onto content.

87.8% B2Bs Hail Social Media Content as the best B2B Marketing Strategy  

Social Media Content Marketing is hailed as the best B2B marketing strategy by B2B Sellers  

"Social media content reaches different audiences, extends beyond local geographic boundaries, and bolsters brand awareness. It is the potential outlet for B2B marketers to build connections with prospects and generate more qualified leads."

Videos appeal to 56.1% B2Bs as the most powerful B2B marketing strategies: 

"B2Bs can use videos to share their product or service offerings, market promotions, and upcoming events. Short Videos, Reels, are an effective way to market and tell compelling stories to B2Bs. By creating and sharing videos, B2Bs can connect with potential customers and build trust that could lead to future sales."

26.8% B2Bs consider Podcasts as an effective marketing strategy: 

"Podcasts with relevant content are an important part of B2B marketing. Podcasts help businesses build community, reach decision makers, project thought leadership, create scalable content resources, and increase brand awareness."

52.4% B2B buyers Prefer Online Transactions to Buy from B2B sellers 

"While 88.4% B2Bs (including buyers and sellers) transact via online channels, 52.4% of B2B Buyers favor online B2B transactions over offline ones. Online platforms are the most popular route for buyers to place B2B orders. 

Modern B2B buyers are utilizing online channels for a baseline level of convenience and speed. Digital channels are growing every year. 

80% of B2B sales interactions will occur via digital channels by 2025.(5) With the rise of omnichannel buying modes, traditional B2B sales channels are becoming obsolete."

About the research: The report was based on data from a survey conducted in August 2022 among 410 B2B professionals (B2B buyers, B2B sellers, and B2B experts) worldwide.