A client of ours has one of these deal flow software products, where there is a fixed sales process created in the system.  You may have seen them.

For example, Send email, call, call and leave a voicemail, connect on Linkedin, email, email, dormant for 3 months, start over again etc."

Our clients complaint was that buyers spotted this sequence and blocked them.  The prospects didn't just block them on social, but they were blocked on the phone and they could see that they never opened the emails sent, so they assumed they had created rules that the emails went straight into junk.

Rob Durant, one of the (SMEs) subject matter experts here at DLA Ignite spotted a discussion on Reddit, if your in sales and not a member you should be, the link to the sales Reddit group is here

There was a question about deal sequences and one of the comments backed this up. 

"When you’re calling someone, leaving voicemails, sending emails, adding them on LinkedIn, they start to see a pattern of you reaching out to them. And then they block you across platforms."

The modern buyer isn't stupid, they are empowered, they are streetwise

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