I was having a conversation this morning and the person I had the discussion with mentioned "artificial intelligence (AI)" and the use of the term AI and assumed it was better, but why? 

In her blog "If we treat our people like robots, is digital transformation even possible?" Tracy Borreson says

"If you want your company to grow, you have to embrace your people's humanity to transform."

It's true, think of the $ Billions that has been spent on IT change in the name of "digital transformation" but nothing has been spent on the digital literacy of the people in the organization.

After all, if the people in your business are not digital in your organization then your business isn't digital, it's as simple as that. 

Back to Tracy's article she says

"THIS is why so many digital transformations go wrong.

Because we're convinced that the problem is our software. Or maybe a process. Either way, we're convinced someone else can just come in and "fix" the problem.

If you're at all interested in building digital influence, you need to believe in the power of community. The power of people. And not in all people being the SAME. But in capitalizing on the unique aspects of each of your people."

How very true, you can only have digital transformation if you people are front and centre to that transformation.

With all your people being the sum of all their experiences and abilities, Tracy finishes on a killer comment.

"Because that's something your competitors can't copy."