There is a great article here by Catherine Coale, she describes the results they got at Telstra Purple when they empowered their team to create content and talk on social.

Who are the most important voices for YOUR brand in 2021? 

(Catherine has written a number of blogs, which I have put at the end of this article, if you wish to understand her journey.). Let me sum up our work with her and why this solved their content marketing production problem. 

Catherine came to us and very bravely said "marketing isn't working anymore".

  • Email marketing has fallen off a cliff
  • The sales people prospected but it was haphazard 
  • They couldn't get their target people to take cold calls
  • Advertising didn't work
  • As Catherine said "the days of throwing a white paper at strangers and hoping they would like it were over"

Experience led strategy 

Catherine says in the article above, "In 2018 I made a decision to change everything I was doing. I wrote my first statement to that effect in our marketing strategy stating that “We will evolve from a product-led strategy, to an experience-led strategy.”"

One of the things Catherine found was that by empowering the sales, marketing and technical teams to write authentic, content, it cleared the backlog of content requests. 

One final message from Catherine, from this article LinkedIn is more ‘social’ than ever. Here’s the staggering proof.

"Traditional B2B Marketing is Screwed

Forget product centric messages. Forget gated content on social platforms. Stop broadcasting branded messages in the hope that some of it will stick. Our pilot tells us that hardly anyone is listening anymore." 

You will see that she writes a series, where she describes their journey, 

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LinkedIn is more ‘social’ than ever. Here’s the staggering proof

The field-sales squeeze is on 

So who's social selling?

In case you missed it, the Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch have banned cold calling and have moved all their people to social selling. This isn't some trendy tech company that might have decided to do this on a whim, this is a very conservative financial services company that has made a decision based on data.

But surely cold calling has a better ROI than social selling?  Not according to Merrill Lynch.

"They will also be encouraged to contact prospects over LinkedIn, which has a higher hit rate than cold calling"

The CRO (chief revenue officer), Richard Eltham of Namos Solutions, of one of clients posted a comment on LinkedIn about social selling. See here.

“Social selling is not an option now it is the way of the world and you either learn and execute it or fear getting left behind” 

Kevin Murray who is the Head of Sales at MacArtney Underwater Technology recently posted about his success with social selling here and wrote an article about the transformation that has happened in sales here.

I don't believe you Tim!

If you check out this video of Chris Mason CEO at Oracle reseller Namos, fast forward to 19 minutes 55 seconds. Chris talks about a $2.6 million win from being on social, after completing the DLA Ignite social selling and influence course. 

Here at DLA Ignite we don't do "hints and tips sessions" we don't want you to waste your money. Our social selling and influence methodology will provide your sales team with the stable platform for growth. It is also the only social selling program based on 70:20:10 change management principles which gives your business the mindset change and habit change they need in this digital world.