We live in a fast moving world.

Your buyer, is on social media and they are scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, this research came to me from a recent Gartner webinar here.  

So often we think of our buyer is like us.

That is the "like us" that is passionate about our products (it's pays our mortgage), sitting at a screen as we write that white paper that will dazzle that buyer.  Or we write that brochure.

A sales guy once said to me "we have so many amazing features and functions, if I can get a buyer to read one of our white papers, they will buy". They won't.

Buyers are like us

They are the buyer that has the child's Birthday at weekend. Which means we will have 20 x 6 year olds all high on the sugar from the Birthday cake. While I have to be polite to the mum's and dad's from school, while I feel judged about the state of the house.

I've got sport practice on Sunday and have a report to submit to my boss on Monday which I haven't had time to write it yet.

You know what I mean.  We are all time poor.

We are also not interested in your product or your company .... we love our product and our company, because it pays our mortgage.

64% of B2B customers cannot tell you about from the competition

In the digital world we are not wired to compare and as you got to market and say the same thing as everybody else "buy my product because we are great" I cannot tell your product from the competition.

which is why ...

76% of buyers do nothing (while you want them to take action) when they see your stuff

How can you as a seller use this to your advantage? 

In our social selling and influence course we teach and coach how to use your limbic brain, which appeals to the person moving fast.  The buyer who is scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.  The digital buyer.

I realise this sounds all very grand and deep.  It isn't. We share everyday techniques that help with this.  In fact all the people we have trained will say "the team at DLA Ignite never mentioned this".  We don't.  But we use the techniques. 

If you want to read a book on this then try "The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness" By Professor Steve Peters.  He used to work for Team GB the UK Olympic team.

So who's social selling?

In case you missed it, the Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch have banned cold calling and have moved all their people to social selling. This isn't some trendy tech company that might have decided to do this on a whim, this is a very conservative financial services company that has made a decision based on data.

But surely cold calling has a better ROI than social selling?  Not according to Merrill Lynch.

"They will also be encouraged to contact prospects over LinkedIn, which has a higher hit rate than cold calling"

The CRO (chief revenue officer), Richard Eltham of Namos Solutions, of one of clients posted a comment on LinkedIn about social selling. See here.

“Social selling is not an option now it is the way of the world and you either learn and execute it or fear getting left behind” 

Kevin Murray who is the Head of Sales at MacArtney Underwater Technology recently posted about his success with social selling here and wrote an article about the transformation that has happened in sales here.

I don't believe you Tim!

If you check out this video of Chris Mason CEO at Oracle reseller Namos, fast forward to 19 minutes 55 seconds. Chris talks about a $2.6 million win from being on social, after completing the DLA Ignite social selling and influence course. 

Here at DLA Ignite we don't do "hints and tips sessions" we don't want you to waste your money. Our social selling and influence methodology will provide your sales team with the stable platform for growth. It is also the only social selling program based on 70:20:10 change management principles which gives your business the mindset change and habit change they need in this digital world.