We run a training course for all of our partners and associates on a Monday, every Monday.

It's where we train the team on the latest and greatest in social selling, the team also train each other on what they are teaching, learning and coaching.  It's a great way to share learning, it is a great way to scale globally and it, of course, benefits our global clients.

(PS: If you would like to be a partner or an Associate then contact me here)

This is very powerful in enabling our global community and something we learn in a client in oil and gas, might be useful for our clients in high-tech. What is transformational for clients in North America, might be useful for our clients in South America.  

What about growth hacking?

One of the subjects that often comes up are the various "grow hacking", tools that various gurus talk about and support.

My business partner here at DLA Ignite, Adam Gray decided to clear this up once and for all, by placing a ticket on the LinkedIn help desk, of course you can do the same if you are unsure. 

What tools can you use with LinkedIn?

It would seem that the answer is vert simple if the tool is listed here you can use it, if it doesn't you cannot.

Simple as.

I know some shinny suited salesperson will try and wiggle out and show you the list of clients they have but they after all a shinny suited salesperson and you are of course a person that understands the difference between right and wrong.

It's on the list - right - it's not on the list - wrong.