Quotas will go up, normality will resume, organisational growth will be expected, and your performance will be measured!

Regardless of whether or not WFH continues post-pandemic, there will be certainties you can depend on post a devastating 2020. All businesses across the globe will be planning for growth next fiscal in the hope of salvaging some of their losses from this year.

So the big question - are you ready?

It’s time to take action to ensure your personal and businesses success next FY. If anyone believes, pipeline and leads generation will be increased by increasing prospect calls, and email campaigns then STOP, there’s nothing to support this view, it will fail.

It’s time (if you haven’t already) to move from analogue to digital sales channels and take social media seriously as a way to connect and engage with clients, prospects, suppliers and new recruits.

Teams who are properly social selling and building influence increase their sales by 30% and reduce sales cycles by 40% - imagine the positive impact that will have on your personal and/or team quota performance.

It's time to get strategic about social.