People are the most important assets of Business and Society - Some alarming facts:

It makes grim reading when you consider the latest forecasting model published by the Centre for Mental Health!

Nationally, in England, the model predicts that up to 10 million+ people (almost 20% of the population) will need either new or additional mental health support as a direct consequence of the COVID crisis.

The actual numbers will most likely be significantly higher as private treatment for mental health is not recorded in the NHS modelling.

Whether you’re a parent, friend, people manager, or the boss (or all of these!) be conscious of how your loved ones, colleagues, employees are feeling right now. A healthy headspace is so critically important for ALL during our day to day lives.

Working from home, Zoom fatigue, attempting to balance work/home life under the same roof are all impacting mental health. As a society, we have to work together to remove the stigma of admitting we need help!

MOST IMPORTANTLY - don’t forget/ignore how you are feeling!

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Be Happy!