A healthy headspace is so critically important for ALL during our day to day lives - Productivity is born from Positivity!

I've had the pleasure of working with several sales leaders and individuals of late, and there's one alarming reality we must call out. As sales professionals, we're all measured by metrics and KPI's. They are an essential lens into the performance of your teams BUT, seasoned leaders know that good management is so much more than analysing metrics!

IT'S SO IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: Our people are our most important assets, and all are living through strange times. To get the best out of our people is not just about metrics performance; it's about recognising your team's strengths, weaknesses and nurturing them through difficult times.

ALL are suffering from lack of pipeline/leads, and many are feeling unsettled, stressed and concerned, as sales cycles lengthen and customers prove reticent to spend.

We should all take a moment to consider the importance of our teams 'mental wellbeing' and be empathetic to the circumstances we find ourselves in...

Working from home, Zoom fatigue, attempting to balance work/home life under the same roof are all impacting mental health.

Be Happy!

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