Are you a business that uses digital gift cards?

I came across the article in the link below that takes a look at the 'Gift Card' sector, it suggest it's one that appears to be thriving.

I came across this sector many years ago whilst working with 'Argos' to help them grow their reach, marketing, and communications for the Gift Card sector.

There are now many companies around the world utilising these as a way of connecting and sharing a brand with peer groups, including family and friends, something you could argue is quite social especially as we're entering the festive season.

Did you know that there are also companies that provide these types of cards for insurance purposes?

Today instead of the insurance company sending you a cheque, or depositing the funds directly into your bank account they will provide you some form of digital gift card that can be redeemed at any of the insurance providers network of suppliers.

These can range from electrical goods, through to carpets, curtains and even plumbers.

This is a great innovation and cost saving initiative for them, however is it the kind of experience you 'think' your signing up for when you agree to pay those premiums?

What's your thoughts and experience of using this type of gift card from insurance companies?