It’s back!

Love it or hate it, it’s been hard to ignore the hit series Love Island. Even those that resisted the temptation to tune in  were hard-pressed to avoid the goings on in the villa. The arrival of new contestants, the departure of now familiar faces and the breakups and makeups played out across social, digital and traditional media

Many of the swimsuit-clad stars of last year’s Love Island used the show to launch their personal brand and have gone on to develop lucrative careers bagging themselves spin-off series, modelling assignments, public appearances and product endorsements. Some even created their own beauty, wellbeing and fashion lines.

Between them, the 2018 Love Island contestants boast almost 24 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million followers on Twitter. Twenty-two of the 38 contestants have more than 500k followers on Instagram

Of course having a personal brand is something we all have wether we know it or not. Im not saying you all have to go to the gym for 12 hours a day but be aware that you are always being watched by prospects, clients, current and future employers. What does your LinkedIn profile say to them?  Do you look like the person who they’d like to do business with or employ? Are you serious about what you do?

It's never been more important to work on your personal brand.