“Can your Social strategy help our company get new customers?”

{me} Fair enough question, but ‘what’s wrong with the ones you already have’?

“Their alright, we lose a few so we always need to get more so we can sell more of our products/services into."

{me} ironically our process isn’t about traditional selling or advertising, so if you need help improving your advertising or writing your content, or managing your social media that isn’t us. 

We can definitely help you become more productive, relateable, authentic, and massively improve your ROI, oh, and yes fill your pipeline.

We have total confidence in what we do as we’re practitioners of what we teach so we not only know it works, we can prove it.

“Sounds good, we have a big pipeline to fill, so if it’s not about selling, what’s it about?”

{me} well, the really difficult bit about our methodology is that you have to stop talking about you, and start talking about me and learn how to listen, get involved in conversations, and engage in other peoples!

"Sounds a lot like real life"

{exactly, its a lot of common sense, which unfortunately isn't common practice}

We teach people and businesses to focus on delivering 'social proof', which is validated with a combination of personal and business branding, this social proof is critical in today's world due to the huge increase in usage of social media for listening to 'social buying' signals.

Guys, if you change from talking about you, to listening on social media it can provide you with the most amazing fertile opportunity to build relationships that could turn into the most cost effective sales program ever - so, please stop selling, get involved and learn from the conversations.

If you want to explore a little more about a 'social media' driven transformation strategy can change your business and relationships with customers feel free to get in touch - BTW we don't do that spammy outbound thing either!