95% of people between 18-34 are likely to follow a brand’s social media account. So, while people used to turn to Google to shop online, social media is becoming the go-to place for companies to get found.

The folks doing a great job on social platforms take time to understand what a personal brand is, they tell stories, share things that resonates with others - a number of them are probably your current competitor, or a future one. 

The scary, yet exciting thing is its' the 'personal brand' bit that's becoming the 'company brand' and ignoring it isn't going to make it go away.

Consider the following social media statistics:

– 26% of Facebook users like using the site to search for new purchases

– 73% of customers report that social media is part of their shopping process

– 55% of shoppers purchase after discovering an item on social media

But, you can choose to learn, understand and get involved.

When you get your head around social platforms and away from it just being a crisis management tool, an extension of the customer service team, or a place to promote your latest 'best ever offer' but, if you really invest time & effort to 'listen to understand’ & get involved on social media you generate involvement, conversation & sometimes passionate debate. 

It move you from simply 'broadcasting' (advertising) about you to a listening, engaging, adding value, highly relateable type of company.

It helps people find the real ‘you’ and why you are relevant to them and vice versa.

It opens up endless possibilities to share, learn and tell your stories to groups of people who are already interested, researching, or looking to buy whatever it is your business is selling.

It can connect people to you in a way that has never been possible - this is the immense power that social media now affords us.

Social Media is becoming the new Google, so maybe you should take time to understand how and why it's shaping consumer habits and engagement around companies and brands.