How often do we just scroll past copy/video on Social Media that immediately feels like an advert dressed up as something else? 

Is it because it’s missing a few vital ingredients, is it too sanitised, has it been written by a very talented copywriter via an agency?.

 Or is it because its just another intrusive advert?

We can spot advertising that’s dressed up as content so we are now simply programmed to ‘scroll on’ skip the ad, or deploy an 'ad blocker'. 

One of the key reasons brands feel the need to ‘collaborate’ with bright young ‘social influencers’ is because they are seen as authentic, and more than likely they want access to their followers. 

We tend to pick up on something that's 'liked' or 'shared' via our friends, family and business acquaintances, and have greater trust in what they recommended over the corporate message. We do this because we have been programmed to be cynical when it comes to advertising, so we look for affirmation from the circles we trust. 

If only brands and businesses had the confidence and skill set to unleash the power of the employees as ‘influencers’ & 'advocates' on Social Media - now that would be authentic & innovative.