Social Commerce is on the rise, and as a result it will continue to devalue your SEO and website efforts.

The rise of ‘Social Commerce’ didn’t start with the western platforms we have come to know; the innovation has come from the east. China now has the largest e-commerce market in the world.

e-Commerce has achieved a near complete penetration and integration into everyday life in China that it is no longer just ordering things off the Internet, but a form of social activity, called ‘social commerce’. Take WeChat for example. From what started out as a Chinese version of WhatsApp, it has now expanded to include direct purchase of goods, a payment tool (online and in-store), wallet, reservations agent, social sharing (photos, videos, reviews, comments) and more – an all-in-one for its 900 million users. One could literally pay for everything with just a scan of QR codes. 

The folks doing a great job on social platforms take time to understand how the platform(s) works, what a personal brand is, they tell stories, create and join in with conversation, share things that resonates with others and are deemed as ‘authentic’ by their eager audiences -

Several them are probably your yet unheard-of competitor.

Game Changer Alert:

Starting 1st April 2019 Instagram will enable ‘in-App’ checkouts for its shoppable post. This is effectively Instagram (Facebook will follow) catching up with Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, its being rolled out to larger brands but it’s inevitable that the bigger picture value is with the huge user base of SME’s currently operating on the platforms.

They don't need to drive traffic to the website, that's a game changer!