Top ten lists of social media tools. Yes, I know. Here's another one. But I have to say this is probably closest to the tools that my team are currently using.

So Kudos to the team at Buffer for putting this together. 

Thoughts on the list? BuzzSumo is always top three or thereabouts when it comes to top tens like this. Not surprising since it manages to hit the content-social sweet spot like few other tools.

Good to see Canva and Animoto in there too. Simple graphic design and animation are now a must have feature of any social media content factory. 

(That's a challenge to the brand police, but this is 2019 so make sure your brand team buy in to the agile creative process). 

Unsplash I'm not so sold on. It's a great resource for free imagery, but I don't think it compares with traditional stock libraries. That said, if you are on a budget it is the probably the best image library out there.

And Feedly? I'm more of a Flipboard and Pocket fan myself when it comes to news feeds and curation. 

There are a couple that are new to me. At first glance I'm not sure that Todoist will offer much more than my favourite productivity tool, Trello. And while Google Trends is an occasional acquaintance, I need to get to know it better. 

That's it from me. So what are your favourite social media tools and why?