SEO, images, copy. If you want to know what determines a high quality, high ranking website, I suggest you print out this infographic and stick it to your desk. 

Actually, do yourself a big favour. Get in early tomorrow. Then photocopy it by the number of people in your marketing team and stick it to their chairs.

And the CEO. And the CFO, the CTO. Everyone else. Make it your screen saver, your wallpaper. Make it your profile image. Make it the profile image of your wife, your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend. 

Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it. Whatsapp it to your Reading Group group, Snapchat it, Kik it (yes you can). 

Put it in a bottle, throw it into the ocean. Live it, dream it, make it the one thing you kiss when you get up, and the last thing you kiss when you  go to bed at night.

And that, my friends, is just how great this infographic is. Now go and share the love.