Ok, this article does feature the phrase 'pop-up in Shoreditch' a few times. But there are still lessons that we can all take from these big brands and the trend to deliver immersive experiences that last longer than a 24 hour event. 

Firstly, the competition to hang on to customers, more promiscuous than ever, is getting tougher. Who knew that you'd need to doll-up a vintage railway carriage to re-launch a bottle of gin? 

Secondly, for all your ARs and VRs, customers still crave an authentic, live event.  Or put simply they just want to party. You can put this down to Secret Cinema, or may the popularity of Westworld. Whatever the reason, live, imaginative drama wins hands down.

Thirdly, an event that lasts days or even weeks gives you the chance to refine and perfect the experience throughout. Ask any play director and they'll tell you that the final performance is vastly different from the press night.

In other words, ditch your short-term 'pop-up' campaigns. Bring your brand to life by telling a story through an event that has long-term legs. Be prepared to refine and shine for the duration. 

At my day job, we recently ran a 10 day campaign with live video from a roster of experts and business partners. 

It was a nerve-wracking start, but by the end it was running like clockwork and we'll be hosting more such events soon. 

Ok, it wasn't quite Bombay Sapphire's groovy train, but it still delighted our customers, and they'll be coming back for more. You should try it too.