Everyone should read this article. 

We're so sold on the idea that the more we put in the more we'll get out, that we miss one of the most important lessons in life: sometimes you need to give in, let go, lose control.

What happens? You get the chance to take a look around, connect with other people, not just your own ambitions.

As at work, so in life:

"Sex has diminishing returns, as does eating, sleeping, drinking alcohol, working out at the gym, reading books, taking vacations, hiring employees, consuming caffeine, saving for retirement, scheduling business meetings, studying for an exam, masturbating, staying up late to play video games — the examples are endless. All give back less the more you do them, the more you try, or the more you have. All operate on a diminishing returns curve."

Oh, and the anecdote about how to survive drowning (if you're a Navy Seal) is worth the price of admission alone.