When I started working there was a typing pool, we wrote our letters (this was before the internet and email) on pads of paper and handed them into be typed.  I remember getting my first 386 Laptop with copies of the word processor Ami-pro and the spreadsheet, Lotus 123.  The techies said that Word and Excel would never catch on as nobody would allow a company such as Microsoft to be so dominant in the market.

Here we are in 2018 and I'm reading articles that Microsoft is looking for life outside Windows and Office.

This isn't supposed to be a trip down memory lane, it's just to point out that change happens.  I actually like being able to type like this (rather than write on a pad of paper) and what happened to the typing pool?  They went and go other jobs.  I can guarantee you that the single most constant thing in this world is change.  But we have to be adaptive.

Here are just some simple things you can do:-

1. Read - Download a free app like Flipboard and read up on new stuff.

2. Get an understanding for new stuff like Blockchain, AI, social media, machine learning, you don't need to be an expert.  Forewarned is forearmed.

(6 years ago I decided I wanted to work in social media and now I do).

3. Buy an Amazon Echo or the Google equivalent.  Embrace, new technologies, again you don't need to be an expert, just get an opinion and apperception for it's benefits and limitations.

4. Get on Social Media and build yourself a personal brand.  Share your passions and engage.  I don't mean have endless political debates I'm talking about sharing your new found knowledge on LinkedIn.

5. Be a knowledge giver not a taker.  Information is no longer power, sharing that information is.

While I cannot guarantee you won't lose your job, I lost mine, but when I lost mine, it was on my terms.  The day I got the "tap on the shoulder" at a big corporate where I was working, was the same day my book went into the Amazon best seller list.  I'm not saying write a book (it is the best business card you can have) but you can take control of your business life by doing some simple, things.

Good luck!