It's the great will they, won't they romance of the modern era. SEO and Content. Ross and Rachel. Beatrice and Benedikt. See? The digital marketing odd couple are up their with the great romantic couples on screen and stage.

The trouble is, SEO often fails to woo content while content is a hapless suitor. Instead of soft lighting and an exclusive restaurant, it's all too often a stale bottle of Piat d'Or, a bouquet of garage tulips followed by a guilty fumble through the content calendar.

Why won't this handsome couple get it together? For a serious moment, I think it's because both parties see the content-seo dynamic as a zero-sum game. Keywords and search terms compromise creativity and culture, and vice-versa.

But when they get it together, when the sparks really start to fly, content and SEO combined are greater than the sum of their parts. Some of the best articles, blogs and infographics I've seen in recent years are inspired by a comprehensive list of keywords. A good story teller can take these terms and turn them into a compelling narrative. 

Ok, it's not always as simple as that. Like all good relationships hard work and compromise are essential qualities. Speaking from a content perspective, I'd strongly advise keeping your SEO colleague(s) close. Don't play the arrogant creative card, and accept feedback with good grace. 

And the benefits? Ok, so it might not be the professional love affair of our life. But it could be the start of a beautiful marketing friendship. So if you're worried that your SEO colleague might have a wandering eye (you know what these analytics types are like), I suggest you bring them a nice bunch of flowers on the way to work tomorrow. Just make sure you don't buy them from the petrol station round the corner.