Thanks to my team member Jonas Bladt Hansen for sharing this internally, Jonas says

"This is a magnificent example of the power of Employee Advocacy - even if the post is in danish. 

Katrine Olsen works in ALDI supermarket in Denmark and made a post about that she has been told that she should network on LinkedIn but finds it difficult to share anything interesting about her job here - and concludes that the only thing she might be able to share is how she is scanning items...

The reply comes from Per Bank, who is the CEO of Salling group (and former CEO of Tesco btw) - the largest retailer in Denmark with several supermarket chains who tells her that 

"she can share here experiences with customers - something he believes he and everyone else could learn a lot from.""

Jonas goes on to say

This drives home the point that social media is the most frictionless way of communicating - that it's relevant for everyone.

and finally makes me think where the CEO of Aldi Denmark was in this conversation...?

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At the time for writing, there are 243 pieces of interaction, the average person has 930 contacts on Linkedin, so that message, while in Danish, could be seen and read by  930 x 243 = 225,990 .... think of that people an email group that is 225,990 big and then through the network of their network, which is 225,990 x 930 = 210 million.  Not bad.

Of course the real power is on activating your employees, even 10% to do this.

How to save Your Pipeline

Right now many of you are looking at pipeline deserts. How will you pull this back.  It's simple, empower your employees to talk on social.  Not in a "corporate content" way... that does not differentiate you, but in an authentic, inspirational, educational way.

Who's doing this?

In this interview with Danielle Guzman who is Global Head of Social Media for Mercer and we discuss "5 Things to Kick Start Your Employee Advocacy Program" and she shares the value they have gained from empowering their employees with social media.

Mercer are getting 3 to 4 times the attributed revenue than the brand generates.  Can you believe that? If the brand is creating $10 million, then empowering your team on social will generate $40 million.

There could be a business case there, ny suggestion is that you use an outside company to help you. Hint, hint. ;)

Here's a post from one of clients that talks about this subject. 

Don't Wait Until September

One of our clients, the average sales cycle is 187 days, so if you want to close something today, you needed to start 187 days ago.

The same with pipeline, if you want to sort the pipeline desert you are heading to, you need to start now.

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