We read so much about digital transformation, how it's changing the world, but is it?

Digital Transformation, to me, seem to be a different term for "IT change" or "let's stick it all in the cloud" strategy.

Digital culture is where you look at each department and look at how digital can give you more efficiency and effectiveness.  If you take Sales for example, there are many, many ways of enabling sales to be more efficient and effective than using legacy methods today.  The same with Marketing, we still see people pouring money into Martech without evaluating that this is just analogue with a digital badge.  I could go on, Human Resources, Customer service, all have more efficient and effective ways of running these departments but companies seem stuck in a cycle of analogue.

If we think about our mobiles, we still call them phones but actually making calls on them is probably one of the few things we actually do with them.

It's time as business leaders to start re-evaluating our business, asking some difficult questions of our leadership teams and searching for answers.  Not taking tech to prop up the analogues ways of working, but stripping out cost in inefficiencies.