Change is about communication.

Change is not about system or IT change.

Change is also about re-skilling your team(s).

Here at DLA Ignite we had a clear vision, which is that social media is transforming commerce and society.

Our social selling programs are a great example of this, nobody else is looking at incremental sales gains of 30% and cutting sales cycles by 40%.  This is not a tool.  This is about your sales people changing their mindset and changing habits.  This cannot be taught by a tool or by knowledge based training or by a Masterclass.

I need to lose weight, but spending a day in the gym is useless.  I need to change my diet and go to the gym three times a week for the rest of my life.  There is a difference.

We have just released our Social Human Resources (HR) module, which is our next step in offering complete digital transformation.  This isn't employee advocacy (we already do this) this is about transforming HR to meet the digital world.  Reducing the cost of recruitment by making the process more efficient and effective.  Making you the employer of choice.  Making sure you get the best digital talent.  These are just some of the benefits of transforming your business with social.

But as you drive out cost and make your business more efficient, and deliver a better customer experience.  Social will also be the catalyst of change, to enable your employee experience.

McKinsey has measured, as I have too, that social internally can get you 25% efficiency increase with your employees.  Putting this another way, you get 25% more employees for less cost and they are happier.

Time to get your company socially enabled?