It's not rocket science to think that happy employees makes happy customers.

If you look at the recent demise of Thomas Cook, there are plenty of people on social saying that they were passionate about the company.  The fact that there are so many customers stranded, means that there were happy customers.  The problem being that there was a flawed business model.

I'm sorry to say, I spent 6 weeks in the US and Canada this year and it was organised via the internet and decisions supported by tripadvisor and I'm not the only one do that!  Sorry Thomas Cook!

When I was at my last company, we decided that we needed to get away from the culture of email.  People would walk in the office in the morning and send emails.

I asked one sales guy what the secret was to how he over achieved his number he said "I stop sending emails.  If I send an email, I get one back."

Thompson Cook while we deemed a dinosaur, it did what every companies does.  It found something that worked and then kept going it.  If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

If you read the great management books of the time "In Search of Excellence" and "Good to Great" they explain case studies of what a great company looks like .... the problem is, in all of the case studies, none of those companies exist.

So what is a company to do?

Go through system change?  Many companies have a CIO that is changing systems, moving to the cloud.  You get a new system at a cheaper price, but is that digital?

Create an incubator?  Another example for companies is to create a "new" business.  I'm away of one company that has created a "new" company and are buying "hip" companies to be the new business of the future. Risky, but possible.  

How about transforming the business to social?

Think about it.  We all use it, so there is no end using training.

Now I'm not talking about laying social on departments.  We already do that.  Talk to sales, human resources, customer care, there is already usage of social.

Why don't we actually use social to re-imagine these departments?  It is the social age?  Social has transformed the way we work and society.

Social is a frictionless way of communication and if you think about it a business is all about communication.  Internally and externally.

Social also allows you to bring teams together, regardless of where they are.  Business today is all about collaboration and flexibility.  Social allows people to worth together in their own time, free of distractions.

Our social selling program has allowed companies to increase sales by 30% and reduce sales cycles by 40%.  Our social human resources program allows people to get the right talent at a lower cost.  One client in North America has been able to cut the cost of recruiters and advertising.

Might just save you being the next Thomas Cook?