I'm sitting in Munich, I've got 3 days with CEOs and Senior Business leaders and we are talking about Digital Transformation.

It's interesting, as we are not talking about Cloud, SaaS, IOT, Blockchain, things are a little more "real".  We are actually talking about "how do we get more revenue?".

The audience know that the world has changed.  Our customers have access to infinite data and will use it if they want to.  Calling them and annoying them, sending emails and annoying them isn't a strategy anymore, in fact it isn't a tactic.

For a company to remain relevant it must go where its customers are on social. 

Now here's the biggest problem we all face.  Nobody likes being pitched to.  Nobody likes being sold to.  So how do you sell to somebody, with out selling?  Now there's a thing!

With Digital, the fundamentals of business have not changed.  You must be relevant, you need meetings and you need to win and retain clients.

But what has changed is the framework in which we do this.  The internet, social media and mobile have a lot to answer for and maybe it's time for you to find those answers?