Sales and Marketing have changed so much in the last 25 years I've worked in it.  From the introduction of computers, the shift from writing letters to sending emails.  The introduction of web conference so you don't have to travel to meetings.  My suits are left hanging in my wardrobe, they haven't been used in the last two years.  Add to that the internet, mobile and social media.  Sales has changed and will continue to change.

It's our duty as Sales Leaders to not only change with it, but lead the change.  I'm a great believer in legacy and it is our duty as business leaders to leave behind us, something better than we had before.  This means changing and not doing the same thing, year after year.  A growth mindset over a fixed mindset I guess.

That is where social selling comes in.

Social has now been proved as being more efficient and effective than the old legacy ways of selling.  In terms of the same leap we made when we jumped from letters to email.  Of course, some people have difficulty to adjust, but the list of reference gets longer and longer.

We are approaching a new year and new years mean we need to try some new things and 2019 maybe just the year that you run a social selling pilot and put your toe in the water and see what everybody is going on about.

Why not?  What have you got to lose?