We believed when we started Digital Leadership Associates dlaignie.com that Social Media will transform society both externally to companies and internally at companies.

We started with the Sales department and have totally re-invented it, so that it works more efficient and more effective.  Or put it another way, you get 30% more revenue and reduce the sales cycle by 40%.

I'm currently reading a "cold calling gurus book", well it's not really a book, it's a rant.  It tells you how the old ways are the best, a bit like my dad telling me that this "beat music" is rubbish and why classical music is better.

Times changes and the world moves on.

The scary thing is that people are reading his book and might think it's the truth, where it places them so far behind reality.

I've written before about how using social internally can transform a business, you should be looking at 25% increase in efficiency, over and above, email driven companies.  

At my previous company they had 100,000 employees, 25% increase in efficiency, is an extra 25,000 employees for free. 

I've also written about how social enables a business to support diversity and inclusion, to support employees, support the employee experience, supporting returners, supporting new starters.  As well as driving more inspection on important matters like sales forecasts, which drives more accurate sales forecasts.  Getting salespeople to contribute quicker.  Sorry the cold callers cannot help us with any of that.

We have always said that transforming sales is not enough.  It is a random act of social.

A company has to be transformed throughout.

That is why we have re-imagined the Human Resources (HR) department and launch our #SocialHR module in September.

#SocialHR is all about creating a better service for employees and making the service that HR departments provide to be, and here's the thing, to externally and internally to be "friction less".

Like sales, we will enable an enterprise to get more for less.  Great efficiency for less cost.

This is not some "tool", this is all about using the employees and the processes in a "better" way.

 After launch our Social Human Resources (HR) program, we are being market lead, but will re-imagine, Marketing, Finance, Procurement, Customer Service, etc etc.

With the greater transparency that social brings, we will start employees and employers to trust each other more.  You cannot please all the people, but we can make the world and enterprise a better place with social.