Brian has written a really great article here, where he creates a "dictionary definition" of Digital Transformation.  Well worth a read, just for that.

Thankfully Brian does not think that Digital Transformation is systems change, but Brian sees Digital Transformation as people and process change.  Right answer!

Of course there maybe some IT needed but we should be looking at ways to make processes quicker, faster and more efficient through digital, than just replace analogue processes with digital processes.  Where is the value in that?

Take our program to digitally transform sales, we now have a repeatable and predictable process that can increase sales by 30% and shorten sales cycles by 40%.  This isn't a tool, it's a social platform that you can then build out across your enterprise.  Starting in Sales and moving to Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Services etc, etc.

The second thing about digital is the need to be able to measure it.  Interestingly, Brian does not talk about this.  Surely, everything in business should be measured?

How else do you know if you have moved or are moving in the right direction.  How else do you know if you compare with the competition or the industry?

So while it's great to have a definition of digital transformation, we also need a measure.