Another day, another article about CEOs on Social Media.  And while many people, employees agree, the CEOs don't, or they do something worse which is get a PR company / Marketing Agency to do it for them.

You can tell these, because the agency see a social media presence as "outbound" a continue stream of post, boring corporate content.  This article comes up with some great pointers about being social, but let's park this for a second.

Social media is used right across the organization, not just in Marketing and sales but in Customer Service, Procurement, Supply Chain, Human Resources (HR), Finance, in fact it's pretty much used in all departments.  Why?  Well for the customer facing departments it's because our clients are there.  This is the same for B2B as well as B2C.  The second reason, is we choose to be.  

Social media, is chosen by us, as it's non-frition way to communicate.  As humans we love communicating.

Let's stop advocating that CEOs tweet for a second and let's get the board (C-Suite) aware of the power of social media.  The business case, such as the incremental revenue gains, the competitive advantage, the market share gains, the reduction in your marketing costs, for an increase in sales.

Once the board (C-Suite) get this, they can delegate the results to the management team(s).

If you think this is a good idea, give us a call and let's talk about how DLA can help you.