Recently Adam Gray and I were in San Francisco - We stayed at a strangers house (AirBnB) we travelled around in strangers cars (Uber) and we decided where to go based on the advice of strangers (TripAdvisor).

The whole of society today seems to be based on trust and this translates into the way we work.

Some trust has been delegated to us by our parents, my choice of toothpaste and my washing powder for example.  That said we are very fickle people, I now use the toothpaste my partner prefers.

Walk into any networking group, walk up to a stranger and we will always try and connect to build trust.  We ask questions like "did you travel far?" to try and find areas of commonality.  This builds trust.

In sales (as a new business salesperson) we have to find ways to build trust and at scale.  The problem with sales today is that it is still built on the inefficiencies of yesterday. 

Let's talk to as many people as we can and hope that one of those wil like us and buy something.  The trouble is it's so inefficient. 

Wouldn't it be great to only talk to the people in the room who want to buy?  Wouldn't it be great to filter out the people who will never buy?  Wouldn't it be great to filter out the people that will never like us?

Priscilla's profile does just that, it filters out the people that won't buy from her. 

Everybody I show this too, want to meet her.

Just think, you're sales people having profiles on the internet that people actually want to meet, rather than the ones you have right now that people want to avoid.

Imagine the impact that would make on your sales?

Imagine if you scaled that across your business?

It might solve your talent problem, your retention problem, your branding problem, your leads problem ....

Worth a conversation?