If you talked to someone who went to 'Harvard' and they suggested you take a good long look at your LinkedIn profile would you?

I came across this recent article titled 'An Example of the perfect LinkedIn title'. (link below)

Before you get carried away and start implementing some of the ideas, this article has been regurgitated to fit an agenda by the author, the original was based on advice some 6 years ago when LinkedIn was still growing and was something people used mainly to copy a CV, visit the site twice a year, and hope for the best, so some of it is outdated.

Things have changed, the power of social media is now greater than ever before, there are now 3.5 billion people on social media around the world and LinkedIn with 640 million registered members is one of the most powerful business platforms there is.

There are 3 key pillars associated with a really strong social media presence in the business world;

  1. A relateable personal profile - based on 'who you are, not what you do'.
  2. The ability to build relationships - grow your network in a social way with a business objective.
  3. The ability to be able to share what you know - consistent creation, production and sharing of knowledge about the subject matter you have experience with.

Every company we benchmark against all 3 of these fall way short, personal profiles on LI are still way off the mark, people still don't publish a good photo (or make it visible), they are yet to truly understand the potency of the platform for personal growth, development and branding.

With the right training you can develop all the right 'Superpowers' to leverage 'what you know' to an audience keen to get some authenticity in a digital world that in the past has been the preserve of the corporate brand police. 

Sure it's important for recruiters to know 'what you do', but in a world where we deal with people every single day, we all make our own judgement based on 'who you are'.

Getting yourself consistently 'front of mind' will help get you that next promotion, job, or client, but to do that means being authentic.