In the B2C world, it's easy to spot customer experience, we might fill a shopping cart on-line or go into a shop and be ignored, either way, we get customer experience.

In the B2B world, often we forget or think we are "different" but many of us, sorry, all of us, now take our B2C expectations, into our B2B worlds.  And this often is siloed thinking.  Our experience of marketing, our experience of sales, our experience of customer service, our experience of human resources.  Somebody was telling me the other day about his experience of procurement.  In today's world they are all connected.

If we think about the buying process, today Marketing and Sales are connected.  Even after the deal is closed, many companies, DLA is one of those that see long term relationships as key.  Our delivery experience is also therefore key.  When we are actually executing, if we are not making a difference then we have failed.  In addition, as we are "selling" change, we need to make sure there is habit change.  So "after sales" can last a life time.

In today's digital world, talent is difficult to find and retain, our employee experience.  Which should start with a companies creating a desire that people will want to work for you, right through the on-boarding to the lifetime of that employee has an impact.

Yes, yes, yes, we get that Tim.  So what is that has a common denominator through all of those processes and covers marketing, sales, human resource (HR), Procurement, supply chain?  Social.

Social media is a common thread across the whole of the enterprise and it's time to treat it strategically.  The great thing about social is that the workforce have already voted for it, as they already use it, it's just about giving them a standard methodology that they can take into their daily working lives.  Your prospects are on it, your customers are on it and your employees are on it.