We are seeing that social / digital is making an impact on business.

I'm not talking about the move to Cloud / SaaS and the systems change that a CIO might drive through a business.  I'm talking about how social networks are changing the way we work.

Many people will have seen the changes and impact that say Social Selling is making.  Many of you will have read my best selling book "Social Selling - Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers".   (45 x 5 Star reviews and counting).  Sorry about the plug, but it's a great example of change.

The techniques we discuss in this book also have an impact on all departments across the business.  We launch our Human Resources (HR) module in September, followed by Social Marketing, Social Customer Service, Social Procurement, Social Finance, etc etc.

Social is transforming business as well as transforming society.  How we use social, can help us in sales and in human resources and procurement.

It's striping out cost and it's make things more efficient and more effective.

I've seen people in the sales world, call cold calling the "killer app", the problem is, it's gradually strangling companies with its inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

Apart from the way it slowly kills your brand.

I remember when people talked about websites as the future and how you needed to get one.  People called this hype and snake oil.  Any company that wants to be in business now has to have a web site.  The same with social media, 100 million join social media every quarter and your ability to use is is now part of an everyday skill.

That said, while Facebook is social media, you need to learn how to use it from an everyday commerce point of view.

Just how email stripped out the cost and time of sending letters, social media is stripping out the cost and time of doing business.

Like learning to use Word and Powerpoint is an everyday skill, so is using social media an everyday skill we all have to master.  Our business has to master to because of the benefits it brings across the whole of the enterprise.