One of the things I don't understand is the lack of investment people are willing to make in their companies staff.  We hear all the time that companies are moving to digital, which we all know means new ways of working both in terms of the people and the process, but that does not seem to be reflected in the staff.  How do I know?

Well for a start it would be reflected in society.  With people trained better in digital, this would have a massive impact on digital take up in society as a whole.

The second thing that amazes me is that people talk about digital transformation but won't transform their own companies, digitally.  We were called into work with one company, they, we were told, was at the forefront of artificial intelligence.  Pre-IPO and we were told that VCs were all over them.  The big issue that the MD stated was the lack of digital acceptance by business.

So "what's your go to market?" we asked the MD.  He answered "that the sales people can bloody well get on the phones and make calls, it worked for me in the last 30 years and it can work for them now".

Really?  And this MD complained about the slow pace of companies transforming to digital!

We still don't "get" how you can sell digital transformation, but are not digitally transformed yourself.

Surely your customers will ask you to be a showcase?

Anyway this article, offers some great advice as to why you should invest in your people and the returns you should expect!