How do B2B Buyers Consume our Content?

Let’s think about the current way that marketing works. 

You buy some ads and drive people to your website, where upon there is some “hero content” (another name for a white paper). The whole point of this content is that it “adds value”, in other words the buyer thinks it’s helpful and they trade their email address for that content.  This allows you to build up an email list.

Or Your Buy PPC Advertising 

Or you will buy some pay per click (PPC) advertising from Google and when people search for certain times, you buy those searches. The idea is that people click on those paid ads and again, you drive people to your website and undertake the content for an email “value exchange”. 

Or You Buy Email Lists

You might buy email lists to do this, not something too many people do now we have GDPR. In the past, people purchased email lists and sent emails direct to them.

Once We Hand Over Our Email We All Know What Happens - EeK!

Now all of us, know what happens after we hand over our email. We get multiple emails from the business and or a telephone call from an SDR (Sales Development Representative).

Nurture Program

In marketing, the emails, over time is called a "nurture program". As a buyer, I'm nurtured from know nothing about your products and services to the point where I see your products and services essential.

Pipeline Leakage

It’s not perfect and there is a lot of leakage along the way.  But it’s a buying journey of sorts and you can measure it.

You Can Measure Marketing

Amount of ad spend and then the number of emails you have collected. 

But There is a More Efficient and More Effective Way of Doing This 

What if I could tell you there is a cheaper more efficient way of doing this? When I say more efficient, that means you get more results for less cost.  Think of the current pipeline situation under Covid19 .... just think about what the Leadership team would think if you told them you could get more pipeline for less money.

Marketing Heroes! 

Rather than give you a long technical answer, I will cut to the chase and tell you that you can cut out all that speculative marketing by social selling.

The Marketing Switch to Social Selling

When I mean social selling, I’m talking about empowering your sales team on social.

More Pipeline, at Less Cost, In Less Time

There is also an additional benefit of time. By cutting out all that budget and time accelerates the buying process.

Which in the next few months, getting more pipeline, for less, quicker... could save your business. 

So, whose doing this? 

We are and so are our customers. 

The DLA Ignite Social Selling Methodology 

Probably worth me adding some caveats in case you try doing this yourself and not with our social selling methodology.

In the analogue past, the way we have sold and marketed has been interrupted people and broadcast our message. Now, social selling is based on permission. If you think “social selling” is interrupting people and broadcasting on social, you have it all wrong. 

The following is NOT social selling....

Sending connection requests which are all about your company are spam and not social selling. Sending connection requests and then waiting a week and then pitching your company, again is spam, not social selling.

This Is All Really Interesting Tim, But Explain What You Mean

Eric Doyle, who is one of our world-wide resellers, posted this on LinkedIn 

Vanity Metrics

As you can see he's has 165 "likes" and "37 comments" and 18,292 "views".

If we assume the average person has 930 contacts on LinkedIn, then when somebody likes or comments are seen by your network.  This means that Eric, could have had this post seen by ((165 + 37)  x 930) = 187,860 people.

Think of that as having a email list of 187,860 people.  Think of the number of ads (and the cost of ads) you would have to buy, to build that size of email list!

While those are "vanity metrics, it's pretty impressive for something that took ten minutes and was free.

But that's "marketing" for you, what about hard and fast sales leads?

So far he's had 

124 leads

28 new outbound connections

13 new inbound connections

6 Zoom calls (1 CEO, 1 COO, 2 MDs, and 2 BDDs)

2 presentations so pitches

1 proposal

This took him 10 minutes to create and it was "free", of course it cost him his time.

The $64 Million Question Is This?

Can you create this sort of return on investment (ROI) from your paid media? your advertising? your cold calling? your email marketing? 

Just think if you scaled this across all your sales people? all your technical people? all your employees? 

Just think about the additional leads, meetings, revenue, profit, new employees, new suppliers, you would get at zero cost?

Social Selling Methodology

Which is why, here at DLA Ignite, we have a tried and test methodology.  Not something you can get from a book or a one hour masterclass.  This is a "proper" process, you "do this", you "do this" you "get this".  Every time we run it, we always get for our customers, an increase in revenue of 30% and a reduction in sales cycles of 40%.

Sounds impressive? 

Want to turn this into a reality for your business contact me here,  or better still, contact Eric, I could just be fibbing.

Programatic Social Selling 

Here at DLA Ignite we can provide your team(s) with a social selling methodology that will cut all that “marketing hope” and build conversations with prospects. 

As a business, you get more pipeline at lower cost ..... faster. 

Don’t believe me, happy to share with you people who are doing this already. I’m fact, if you look carefully on social, you will spot them.

You can contact me here