When you hear the words 'business transformation' do you switch off and think "here we go again, another tech project"?

It seems that's what most people conclude when being told that there's a business transformation project taking place. For me it's not the word 'transformation' that I've got issues with, it's not even the word 'digital' albeit that is an irritant. Its' the word 'project' because it tells me its another flavour of the month widget, gadget or gizmo someone has managed to convince the leadership team that 'will transform your business'.

The term ‘transformation’ in itself means to make a change and though change is incredibly valuable, there needs to be a concrete understanding as to what the outcome from that change should be.

The following are signals that business is being transformed, not by you but - by the consumer!

  • e-Commerce is not what it was - Social Commerce is changing all that.
  • B2B buying process has changed - Social Media is changing all that.
  • Websites are not what they were. - Social Media is where people find out who you really are.
  • Search is becoming less relevant - 'Content Discovery' via Social Media is the key driver.
  • Call Centres don’t work - Need I say?
  • Advertising has changed, forever - The media marketing landscape has already declined.
  • Email marketing is becoming redundant - GDPR and Intrusive outbound
  • Text marketing is redundant - All banned

The era of driving people towards you, and getting them to do the hard work has fundamentally changed, the ‘push’ marketing and intrusive advertising industry is in a constant state of flux.


Not because of GDPR - we did that one to ourselves.

Because technology has empowered you, me and our customers to be in control of what, where, and how we see things. It’s given us a voice, and being 'social' means just that, being 'social'. It doesn't mean transferring your intrusive 'advertise and promote' thinking into the 'social space' - despite what your media buying agency tell you!

All of this is happening long before it impacts the balance sheet.

Social Media is not a fad for Millennials, it needs a serious seat at your Board Room table.

Do you know how to measure when your business has truly transformed?

Your customers and balance sheet will tell you, because the transformation will either be a positive and beneficial thing or the death knell.