When Adam and I set up DLA we spotted a gap in the market, which was the lack of understanding about social at a strategic level.

I'm not talking about teaching the CEO Twitter, which seems to be the "rabbit hole" that people in social seem to go down.

This is about teaching the Board (as we say in the UK) or the C-Suite (as people say in the US) why they need to look at social from a strategic perspective across the business.

Social is now used in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources (HR), Supply Chain, Procurement etc.  It's also replaced email.  We run our business on social.  

In my last company we got a 25% efficiency increase across the employees by using social.  A 30% increase in new revenue by using social, as well as taking market share.

Such figures have to be understood by the Board as they are transformational.  In fact Social can be used as a "quick win" as part of a digital transformation.

It's time for the board / C-Suite to get the social strategy and to make time for it.