“I’m not a creative person, will this be a problem for me in Social Selling...?”

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with CRUX is the wide variety of candidates we work with from across disciples.

HR, Engineering, Sales, Operations, Quality, Communications,  Leadership, IT, Finance, Business Development, Logistics, Design, Technical, Marketing…across the complete functional spread of an organisation.

We expereince a common set of concerns when we start working with a new group, one of which is a worry that the candidates need to be creative.

In fact, we started a programme with a new client before Christmas. We went into our first exercise and one of the team said, “I’m not a creative person, I won’t be able to do this”.

So here is my answer to all of those people out there who have an interest in getting into Social Selling but are worried that they are not creative…

“You don’t have to be creative.  Your expereince, your history, your specialism, your thoughts and beliefs about your industry and your personality are all you need”.

The reason I say this is based on facts.

Hands down the most successful people in Social Selling & influence that we’ve ever trained in our client base are not creative.

What do I mean by successful..?

Those that end up understanding the true reasons for strategic B2B Social Media, those that begin to realise this was never about 1 profile or 1 piece of content…those that consistently apply their training to better their professional and commercial situation.

Those that have changed their lives and the commercial future of their organisation by tapping into the Digital Twin of their markets or sectors and know how to convert all their activity to achieve results they need….and they do this every day, every week, every month, every quarter.

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The win with B2B Social Media is in the results...

Step 1 with any team of new candidates with us is cancelling out the noise. All the noise around Social Media for businesses is deafening. “Do this, do that, hashtag this and that, do this on a Wednesday before 9am, don’t do that because engagement is down, press this button, press that button twice…”.

Cancel and reset…

We use Social Media to gain access to the Digital Twin of our markets and sectors. Once in there, the language, the behaviour and how things work is different…it’s about understanding, knowing how to adapt, and knowing how to grow there.

When you and your team understand all of this, you will be able to chart your own course and have a Digital commercial foundation in place to make up your own mind about what works and what doesn’t.

It’s about consistently applying the process, a framework and building on it.

Back to the creative question...

If you are creative, great. You will create new and interesting things that capture the imaginations of your audience and do things that no one has ever done before.

But this only works if you are consistently applying the process and building on it.

Often, we find creative people get lost in the creation of the content. “The video must be perfect with all the colours and pattern interrupts and lighting and scripts and props, the carousel has to be just right with all the imagery and graphics, the article has to have all the links and quotes and images”.

They are so lost in the creation of this amazing content while trying to do their day job that weeks pass nothing is done. Meanwhile, their ‘non creative’ colleagues are positing content daily and gaining all the benefit.

Posting that one piece of amazing content is not the win, the win is posting regular content that is helping you achieve what you want to achieve as a professional and a team.

Ask yourself “can I do this every day for a year...?”. If not, you need to have a rethink.

The creative person will tell you all about their plans for 'this live and that audio show', 'that amazing idea they’ve had for this series of content'…if they can do it, it will be fantastic, but it rarely comes to fruition.

The consistent person will find ways to do what they need to do efficiently and effectively and put it to work.

This sums it up perfectly...👇👇👇

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Which are you? Fox or rabbit...


Which is more effective, the piece of content that took a day to create and gets 25 likes and 2000 views or a piece of content that took 15 minutes to create and gets 25 likes and 2000 views?

The answer is, the one that did the most for you.


To be super creative all of the time and be consistent is hard, very hard. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day. So, the solution is to have a content mix that is effective, fits into your already busy day and delivers what you need, day after day.

We created a content guide for our clients which is designed to help them be efficient and effective.

It’s as simple as ABC…




A – Assistance

- What you are giving to your network, how are you helping?

- Coaching, mentoring, help, useful information.

➡️25% of your content

B – Belief

- Giving proof that you know what you claim to know.

- Your unique thought leadership and reference on relevant industry topics and trending subject matter.

➡️25% of your content

C – Core

- Insight into you as a professional with a personality.

- Your history, experience, specialism, knowledge, likes/dislikes.

- Lessons you’ve learned and how you put them to work.

➡️50% of your content

Presenting all of these insights and stories in an interesting and compelling format is key.

When we factor in your chosen Digital Identity themes and all of the types on content available to us (articles, newsletters, short from content, video, lives etc) it gives us around 200 options for content on any given day.

This mix does 3 things when repeated consistently over time:

👉It shows you as the specialist you are without selling 'at' us.

👉It shows your network that you are willing to help and support

👉It gives some insight into your personality...

When we get this right, everything starts to grow...real connection, trust, communities, ecosystems, conversations, and valuable interaction.

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Accessing the Digital Twin of you market sector

There are some amazingly talented creative people out there who can manage this creative/consistent mix, and we need them. Most of us need all the help we can get to be efficient and effective with our content.

So, my answer to the question “I’m not a creative person, will this be a problem for me in Social Selling...?”

…no, not at all. As long as you are willing to learn and adapt to a consistent format of working, you will do just fine.

We are Digital Commercial Advisors, and we are here to help you.

Eric Doyle (F.ISP)

Live Digital '23

Consult Crux / DLA ignite

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