Every week we meet management teams from across sectors and across the globe.

Every single one of them tell us that they have great relationships with their current clients, (the ones who know them) but they struggle to get any leads into new organisations that don’t know them

Those that are really open tell us

"what we used to do doesn’t work anymore"

"we are on a hamster wheel of hiring the same type of people in sales and marketing who do the same things and then we are surprised that nothing changed"

"our pipeline has shrunk; our forecast is in decline, and we are struggling to hire people to fulfil the projects we have"

We are Digital Commercial Advisors; we specialise in training organisations to tap into their Digital Sectors and thrive.

👉We explain about the ‘Digital Twin’ of their sector, how prospecting, networking, and buying has moved to Digital and how there is a solid curtain splitting the old Analogue commercial world and the new Digital commercial world.

👉We show the data and the facts.

👉We explain how their commercial worlds will change when they turn their focus from ‘spray and pray’ to a focussed Digital Commercial Strategy.

👉We demonstrate how the Strategic Application of Social Media across their team through Social Selling & Influence works and how it is the access point that allows them into their Digital sector.

👉We show how all of our clients who use this approach see revenue increase, ebitda increase (and ebitda as a percentage of revenue increase), how they get the pick of new hires and how they are the technical and Commercial Digital leaders in their space.

👉We outline our training and caching programme and show them that it’s the only accredited programme in the world.

👉We explain that our programme is 12 weeks, for a reason. Our aim is to change culture and behaviours so that they will continue to flourish when we leave.   The programme is the training bed, the work starts when we finish.

👉We show them our clients results and our testimonials.

They love it! 

They see how this will help them; they see how this is the answer to their commercial problems.

But then they have a wobble.

🤔“What if our team doesn’t have the commitment?”

🤔“How will we find the time to fit this into our already busy days?”

🤔“Isn’t all this becoming a bit like Facebook?”

🤔“Our head office isn’t going to like this”

🤔“We already have a Marketing strategy, and this doesn’t fit with it”

🤔“Some of our team won’t post content”

🤔“Can the programme be shortened as 12 weeks seems like a long time”

🤔“Maybe we could just do this ourselves”

We are at the most important turning point in modern commercial history since the industrial revolution.

Everything we do is turning Digital, including Sales, Marketing, Business Development and company growth in your sector.

Social Selling & influence isn’t a fad, it isn’t an add on….its a complete rewiring of your organisations commercial brain and activity to Digital.

❌Its not about ‘simply being creative’, its not about ‘short posts or videos?’, it’s not about ‘hashtags and profile videos’…

❌Its about recognising that there has been a seismic shift and your commercial world no longer works the way it did.

✅Its about embracing the change and leading your sector.

✅Its about the next phase of global commercial development.

…and it’s not going away.

As your Analogue sector continues to shrink and the Digital Twin of your sector continues to grow, you need to be comfortable that you and your team are on the correct side. That you are trained and expert in how to operate in your Digital commercial landscape.

The Managing Director of one of our clients said at the end of a programme with us….

“It’s exciting and feels fresh, we are already seeing results. Without this we would just have been going into next year trying to do more of the same – Going to the same events and getting nothing from them, trying to get ‘that guy’ on a call to see if we could get a meeting, paying for the same adverts and not sure if they do anything for us…this has changed everything”

So, what matters to you most?  Holding onto an old-fashioned idea and hoping you are right or the success of your company?

We are leading Digital Commercial Advisors and we are here to help you.

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Eric Doyle (F.ISP)

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