This is an amazing fact, but are we surprised?  Of course not.

Social has changed the world.  It's changed society, turn on the TV and the world now plays out on Twitter.  The News organisations act as an aggregator for what has happened that day.

You may not like it, but that is they world we live in today and I'm sorry and it's not going to back to that nice comfortable world we had before.  This is the new reality.

The same with business, social has changed the way we work, the way we market and the way we sell.  A cold calling guru recently published a book about how cold calling was not dead and social selling was shit.  He signed off with his social profile details.  Game, set and match to the social sellers.

This whole scale move to social by your prospects, customers, employees, new recruits and investors is a transformation where you need to get on board otherwise you will never catch up.

After all we know, people are not on social looking for adverts, cold calls and unsolicited emails .... they are looking for people that can help them in what they buy, insightful and educational content that can help them.

Let's not forget, the business issues have not changed.  We still need to sell stuff, people still need help buying stuff .... the mechanism in which we do it has changed.

We are the best case study for this.

Our social selling programs are now repeatable and predictable.  Whenever we run them we get a 30% increase in revenue and a 40% reduction in the sales cycle.  That is transformation.

Our Social Human resources program gets an additional 25% efficiency from employees.  That's like getting 25% more employees for free!

Never before has there been a time where business can through a whole scale transformation of people and process to get more efficiency and effectiveness; for less cost.

If you want to get on board, contact me on social.