Digital Transformation is often seen as a way to generate new business sales.  Our social selling program offers company a 30% increase in incremental (new) business sales and a 40% reduction in customer sales cycles.

This is seen as a business case in itself to understand a digital transformation with social.  Transforming sales is, "just" a random act of social.  Once you start transforming with social, you need to in fact, transform the whole business.

Our Social HR program means that companies can transform the Human Resources (HR) department and activating the whole workforce.

We have seen increasing of employee productivity of 25%.  Just think, using social across your business could mean an additional 25% of employees.  For free!

In addition to that you can also get:-

1. Employees contributing quicker than they have before.

2. Salespeople contributing quicker.

3. Getting returners to contribute quicker.

4. Reducing the time of meetings.

5. Increasing the % accuracy of the sales forecast.

Just examples ..... but business cases in your own right!

As we say, digital transformation isn't just about increasing the amount of revenue you create but also increasing the employee experience!