One of the things that still amazes us is the need by individuals to make sales hard.  They hang onto the past like a comfy blanket, sucking their thumb on the messages from the gurus from the past cranking out the same old same old.

Let's not forget, the big cold calling conference, was launched on social.  Yes social.  If cold calling worked, they would have run me up about it.  The problem with calling me up as every cold calling guru knows is that it wouldn't work.

(I have iOS13 and all cold calls go through to voicemail automatically.)

Here at DLA Ignite we are the only company to have created a social selling program that builds in mindset change and habit change.  Plus gives you an extra 30% of revenue and shortens the sales cycle by 40%.  How cool is that!

So what's this about selling at C-Level.

Social selling also allows you to do this as there are no gatekeepers, no GDPR, no CCPA, no voicemail .... you just go straight to the person.

But that's just me saying that .... let's get Steve Rafferty, Sales Leader from RingCentral tell you all about it.

#TimTalk @raffsteveraff Explains the Business Case for Social Selling via @YouTube

In this video Steve describes out how got through to him (he was a CEO at the time) and how he and his team uses social selling to get high in large accounts.

Worth a watch.