After being a graduate for two years at a computer company, I decided it was time to go out into the big wide world and start my sales career.

I found a company that sold payroll and personnel (as it was called then) software, that was willing to take on a 20 something person with no sales track record.

25 years ago we were talking about the role of Human Resources (HR) or Human Capital Management (HCM).  In those days it was about taking card index files and computerising them.  Today there seems to be a whole "soup" of technologies, Cloud, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc, etc.

Where as, actually there is a "technology" under our noses that will revolutionise HR, that we all already use.  Did you know that there are 4.5 of the 7.7 Billion people in the world that are on the internet.  Of that 7.7 Billion people in the world, there are 3.7 Billion people on social media.

Social Media has changed the way we do business and changed our society.  You cannot go a day without Twitter being quoted on the evening news.  It was President Obama who became the first President of the United States (PoTUS) that started tweeting.  Never in the history of the world has PoTUS been able to talk to you direct and for you to talk to them back again.  Hierarchies in society have been stripped out.

Please don't see this as bragging, it is an example of how social has changed how we do business.  Our Social selling program will enable you to get 30% increase in new business sales and 40% reduction in sales cycle.  Something that most CEOs will grab with two hands.

So what has this got to do with HR?

Well on the success of our social selling program, we launched our social HR program at the start of October 2019.  First and foremost, this isn't laying social onto your existing processes.  Most companies have already done this.

This is about reimagining HR for the social age.  We are already seeing costs being reduced, while an increase in employee experience.

What does this mean?

3 minute overview video is here

24 minute overview video is here

So actually, if you are on social as an HR professional then you are already in the right place in terms of the skills you need.