Good point made in this article that startups (like ours) run in the Cloud.  There is no debate, why on earth would we want servers and a person to run them?  We don't.

But isn't everything we use today now in the Cloud?

We use Xero (in the cloud), Leadfeeder (in the cloud), Brandwatch (in the cloud) and Passle (in the cloud).

We are a social business so we are not in the business of doing "irritating" in marketing.  We don't cold call, we don't send cold emails, we don't advertise and as a social business we don't need to.  All of what we do is in the Cloud.  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter I all access through my mobile.

We run our business on social, Slack in our case, again this sits in the cloud.

Does that give us a competitive advantage?  I guess so, but in the startup world it's table stakes.

As for big business, I don't see any argument for on-premises .... or maybe you need to innovate slower than me?