A great question.

What you don’t want to do is......blame ‘the algorithm’.


You don’t have a clue about the algorithm, nobody does. 

When we blame the algorithm for something going wrong in our Social Media strategy it transfers all responsibility for the issue to something out with your control and absolves you of any action to be taken. So you just sit and wait for it to sort itself right?.....wrong!.

Common things you will hear in response…

👉 ” There is definitely something going on…”

There is always something going on, always...! 

On every platform every minute of the day billions of bites of data are being indexed, sorted, observed, processed, and analysed, and changes are being made....all the time.

👉 “It’s not you it’s the algorithm…”

There very well be some slowing down due to restructuring or recoding but, always assume that it’s probably you…

In general terms, if there is a drop off in your reach and/or engagement its generally down to a few simple things.

👉You’ve done something out with the rules.

👉You’ve annoyed the platform by doing something or your lack of doing something

👉You’ve lost your audience

Stay within the rules

All Social Media platforms have rules and guidance. If you are taking Social Media seriously, you should know the rules of the platforms you inhabit.

On LinkedIn its easy…

Section 8.0 of the user agreement outlines all the Dos and the 18 Don’ts…like don’t scape data from the platform in anyway and don’t allow anyone to access your account…. follow them and you will be in good shape.

User agreement...

There are also the Professional Community Policies for further advice and support.

professional community policies

Annoying the platform

Social Media platforms don't owe you anything...you have to work for everything.

Let’s look at LinkedIn. Its watching everything you do and measuring it.

From when you log on, to what you look at, what you hover over, what you post and when and what you do with it..and son on, and so on, and so on....

  • Do you post early in the morning, day after day and return at the end of the day?
  • Do you post multiple times per day?
  • Do you recycle previously used content?
  • Do you properly engage with every single person that interacts with your content?
  • Do you create conversational space?
  • Do you actively go out and engage with your network?
  • Are you actively growing your network?
  • Are you growing digital communities?

Platforms are getting more and more clever, and they can see what you are doing and see what you are up to. 

If you are using tools to manipulate a result, they can see it, if you are in an engagement pod, they can see it and also see who is in the pod…all observed and measured.

Are you creating and contributing a rich and diverse content mix of article, newsletters, short from posts, native video, lined streams, podcast?

Or are you just posting the same stuff and the same time every day and not really paying attention to it…

All of this and multiple billions of other angles being watched, analysed and measured.

Keeping the attention of your audience.

Your network is precious, treat it so.

Imagine you found a great band who brought out their first album and you loved it.

You and some other got really into this band and started to support.

You went to the lives show and bought the singled that came off the album.

A year later they were still doing the same songs and they brought out the eagerly awaited second album. 

Same stuff, no change…

Fan base shrinking.

It’s the same with your content.

If your content plan hasn’t changed in a year, you are probably boring your network.

If you are taking Social Media seriously and using it as a route to revenue, you need to be in charge of this. 

Your content plan should be evolving at least every quarter with something new and interesting.

Keeping the platform, the algorithmic elements behind the scenes and your network attentive and interested.

When someone joins your digital network, make it worth the price of admission.

Social Media networks...

If someone tells you “ah, yes, there is something going on with the algorithm, it will all come back at some point, just keep doing what you are doing, its will be fine…”, they are giving you bad advice.

This is the same as you telling them that your company is in trouble as you have no leads and haven’t had a sale in months and someone telling you “ah yes, it’s just the market, it will all come good again, just keep bashing on…”.

Ignore half baked comments about ‘the algorithm’ and focus on creating a future proof content strategy that is immune to any slowing or restructuring. 

Create a content plan which positions you as the leading technical and commercial digital influencer in your sector and ensure it is a rich and diverse mix of content media.

Video, articles, newsletters, short form, posts, live streams, audio, podcasts…etc

Ensure you are taking this across channels.

Building a content strategy and plan that is resistant to any changes in particular boosts or drops and most important, make sure you are adding value to your network. 

They will be the first and truest indicator of whether your content is hitting the mark.

If you are serious about Social Media for your business, take dips and changes seriously. Apply tested and best advice and don't sit back waiting for some magic to happen behinds the scenes, take control of the situation and make it right.

If something isn’t as it was, look in the mirror first and then do a proper investigation.

Live Social ‘22

Eric Doyle

Consult Crux / DLA Ignite