I'm always interested in articles that talk about what content works on Linkedin.

Based on our research, what content works is clear, see diagram below.

 To be honest, anybody can do this research as all the measurements on LinkedIn are visible to everybody.  

What content works on LinkedIn Tim?

Based on our research, this is the content that works, what do I mean?

Go to an advertand see how many people have "liked" it.  It stands to reason, that if there are no "likes", then people don't like it.  Have a look at all the different types of content on LinkedIn, count the "likes" and you can see what type of content works well and what does not.  See content pyramid above. 

Note:  Yes, I know that you will find corporate content where the people in the same company that posted that content will have all jumped in and liked it.  This is because, in some bizarre view they think this is social selling.  You will see that most corporate content isn't liked, therefore it stands to reason that nobody likes it.

People want humanised content

In fact, recent research by Eric Doyle, shows that people are looking for humanised content on LinkedIn.  The post is here.  See research below.

Only 7% of people wanted content on products.

We have research that shows that corporate content is detrimental to your company, but that is a discussion in a previous blog.

LinkedIn is for business and LinkedIn isn't Facebook

It's an interesting point, do you know this point that "LinkedIn isn't Facebook" is'nt written down anywhere.  Nowhere does it say what you can and cannot post on LinkedIn.

Let me ask you a question.  If you want to get to know your clients what do you do?  You take them to a game, you take them out for lunch or dinner, yes?  Why?  Because, you get to know them and if they get to know you, then they are more likely to trust you.  If they trust you, then they are more likely to buy from you.  Which is why humanized content is so important.

But should we post humanised content every day?

No.  In fact, if you post you are "out for a run" everyday, your audience (your network) will probably think you are a personal trainer.  You in fact need to mix your content up.  (I talk in my first book "social selling techniques to influence buyers and changemakers" about the 4-1-1 process for sharing content.)

When somebody looks at your profile, they have to see what you stand for.  If you look at my LinkedIn profile, you will see that I stand for social selling, digital transformation and sales transformation.

What content works on LinkedIn?

In conclusion, you don't know what content works, but there again, I'm pretty sure, based on the above, if you are creating authentic, insightful content, it will work. 

Post no more than once a day, use hashtags and use one image. 

Your audience will respond and if you measure your engagement, that will allow you to work out, what works and what does not.  BUT, don't chase likes, sometimes content may need to be created so people can see, what you are famous for and what your superpower is.

One more thing, don't forget that likes and comments are your opportunity to engage with people, to have conversations and let's not forget, conversations drive sales.

Let's now look at this report

Maria-Mirabela Ganta sums it up well. 

They even have a quote from "Linkedin expert" Dr. Natalia Wiechowski who says 

"The magic formula for your linkedin content does not exist" 

Which is kind of true, unless, of course, you stick to our content suggestion above.

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