We get a lot of enquiries about social selling, digital selling, virtual selling, remote selling, modern selling.  It's clear that the person is intrigued that social can help them, but they are not sure how.

We all know that the response from cold calling and email marketing has fallen through the floor and the response from management, to make more calls and send more emails just doesn't work.  If something is fundamentally broken, it doesn't matter how many calls or emails your send.  It's broken. 

During our discussions, often people will admit they don't understand social.  They have read about it, but don't understand it.  Of course, we have all been spammed on social, but that isn't social selling, that is just cold calling (throwing shit at the wall and hope it sticks) on a social network.

If you don't understand social or just want to know more about social selling, digital selling, remote selling, virtual selling, modern selling, call it what you want.  Then why not come and learn from a team that do this day in and day out?

What can I do in sales if I am scared of social media?

The important thing to understand is that you are in safe hands.  If you look at our Linkedin page here you will see the DLA Ignite team. Pick somebody you would feel comfortable in talking to them and talk to them.  Contact them on LinkedIn and ask them to help you, educate you and give you some advice.

They can explain to you, all confidentially, the impact that social media has made on the world and they can take you through case studies of how it's impacting business. 

This isn't some fluffy marketing campaign, they can show you actual case studies of people that have transformed their sales teams with social, how they did it and the revenue ..... I will say that again, the revenue output, they are getting from using a social strategy as part of their go-to-market. 

This isn't a pitch, this is a session to educate you and your team on what your business could achieve.

Marketing looks after our social media

We see in many cases that marketing look after social media for some business, which is great, but I'm not talking here about your brand or a social media campaign.  

I'm talking about your sales people accelerating deals, closing deals and becoming self-sufficient in prospecting by using social media strategically.  

My sales team are all over social

This is something we often hear from sales leaders, if you answer "no" to any of these 5 questions, you are not all over social and you need to talk to one of the DLA Ignite team.

1. The salespeople often get inbound from people wanting to buy?

2. You are getting 25% - 50% of your revenues from using social media?

3. Your salespeople have become self-sufficient in prospecting?

4. You understand the importance of why your salespeople need to create content like this blog and your team is empowered to do this?

5. You company is seen as the number one company in your industry and you often get asked in to sit on the "top table" regardless of size of your business?

We have hired a Millenial to do social

Again this is great, Millennials have grown up with social and are digital natives, this will be a boost.  That said, critically, your business probably needs pipeline and it needs a strategic methodology to achieve this.

We have one competitor that tells their clients to put flowers on their LinkedIn profiles.  Yes, really!  

This will not drive you hard numbers in terms of pipeline and revenue.  Flowers on your LinkedIn profile, may look nice, but when it comes to return on investment (RoI) you want $s in return.  We have both been in sales long enough to know that means you need a process and methodology, for each salespeople and to scale the results across the team.

It's time for action

After this blog, if you are unsure about social in any shape or form, then please, contact one of the DLA Ignite team, they are all attached to our Linkedin corporate page, which is here

If this article has been useful and you think it would be helpful to your network or individuals then please share it.  Please also tag in the individuals.  

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