One of the many areas where we get miss information from suppliers is that somehow tech is the answer to things, it isn't.

There are three things that make a sales team which are the people, process and technology.  The technology does what it's told.  The people have to accept its use and use it .... which if you look at current CRM acceptance, which is low, it's unlikely. 

Winning strategies for sales teams come from within the sales people and how they work together ..... as a team.

Sales teams, or the term "sales team" is often seen as a misnomer as sales people are often "lone wolfs" and "control freaks" and they are highly competitive.  Bringing them together as a team would seem as a recipe for disaster.

"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts", first coined by the philosopher Aristotle, this phrase aptly defines the modern concept of synergy.

You need to get some basics in place, which is getting people to work together.

We can do this with social.

We know that the modern buyer is looking for an expert and you demonstrate this by having a personal brand on social.  You build a strong network and you create content to demonstrate that you are that expert.

Content is also great to constantly demonstrate to your prospects about the business case, the insight, the business benefit of your solution.

Just like this blog.

Social can also be used to bring the sales people together as a team.

You can also use social to find the sales talent, before other people and get them to want to join your company.  Better still, your future talent will find your company and want to apply direct.

Once the sales people are on board, using social you will enable them to start contributing quicker.  Always an issue for business, you recruit people and then the new recruits absorb resource.  With social you can get your sales people selling faster and therefore contributing.

Using social, you will also be able to increase the accuracy of the sales forecast.  Sales forecasts have always been a "joke" in so much as they are seen as accurate, plus or minus 100%.  Where as, using social you should be able to get accuracy of 95%.

These are just some of the "secrets" you can unlock with social .... better business cases that implementing some data system that nobody will use, for sure!