When I was young the way you met famous people was by hanging around the stage door, hoping for a glimpse.

You could never get to talk to famous people, let alone engage with them.  My father worked for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and I remember him coming home and quite matter a factually talking about the stars he was working with.  Kate Bush was an example.

Social Media Has Changed the World

To bring you up to date, Nadi Bushell is a cool kid, she's 10 and she has 162,000 subscribers on Youtube and she plays the drums.

So what?

She challenged Dave Grohl to a drum off.  Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana, and when this band broke up he formed the Foo Fighters and swapped drums for guitar. 

The Foo Fighters are now one of the biggest bands in the world.

So here we have Nadi Bushell, 10 years old and she challenges the guitarist (and part time drummer) of one of the biggest bands in the world to a drum off.

The video where Nadi challenges Dave is here and has had 1.2 million views.

Dave has even written a song for her.

So What?

Think about it, how can a 10 year old girl get in contact with the a guy from the Foo Fighters? ...... through social media.

How Does She Do This?

1. Social media has removed all hierarchy, you can now contact any CEO, in fact anybody in a business.

2. Unlike cold calling and email, there are no gatekeepers on social media.  If you contact, Bernard Looney the CEO of BP, he will answer.  In fact all CEOs of modern business are on social.  (If your CEO is not on social, you are not a modern business.)

3. She has something unique to offer.

4. She isn't selling.

5. She is authentic.

6. She understands what it means to be social.

Is it time for your sales team to be more Nadi?

If you are looking for more pipeline, new logos, maybe you need to increase your win rate, or reduce your cost of sale?

Social selling can help with all of these.

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